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Jun. 28th, 2010

Jaina's Ashura

Changing accounts?

I think LJ hates me.
I wrote a long new post - first post in a while too - but it got lost in a page refreshing of doom. Don't you hate when that happens? lol

I am thinking of changing my account name or taking a new account. The name of this one doesn't satisfy me anymore.
But changing your account name on LJ is a total rip off... 15$ to change names *pouts*
But if I just open a new account, then I won't have my previous entries on it obviously...
Ahhh what should I do? D:
Would you follow me onto a new account? Y__Y

I have yet to advertise here my friends Cycy and Lelahel's BJD event, for which I'm part of the staff:

Ldoll Festival is a European doll convention that will be held in France on October 9-10, 2010.
There will be professional and non-professional exhibitors, a big meet-up area, contests,and various activities. 
Peak's Woods is sponsoring the event and planning a limited doll specially for the festival.

I hope many of you can attend!
If you have any questions, come to the Ldoll Forum. I'm a mod there and I'll be glad to answer all your inquiries.

Last but not least, I'm happy to present my newest doll, Natsuo!
Natsuo is Yuuya's twin brother. They have been estranged for a few years, but life have thrown them back on each other's path...

Natsuo is an Atlack-Nacha EL from Luts, which I was able to get thanks to lavenderapple . 
Thank you Izam for making it possible for me to have one of my dream dolls, this beautiful boy! <3

More pics to come when I'll have completed him. Have a first peak ^^

* * * * *

Dec. 18th, 2009


Holiday Cheer!

Hi everyone,

Happy holiday season! :)

Starting tomorrow night, I'm on holidays until January 5th! :D
Then the real deal begins as I'll be starting my training, which will last 18 months.

Things to look forward to:
  • My three days in Paris at lysel 's! And seeing my Japanese friend there.
  • New Year's Eve party! 8D

I also want to share with you my present to myself XD
I asked for my first art commission! :D I commissioned Shuangwen on dA to draw a portrait of Spinel for me, and here is the result!
I'm really happy with the way it came out *3*
It's a perfect human, more masculine version of Spinel! ♥♥


Isn't he gorgeous?? :D
He's much less androgynous than the doll lol I was a little bothered by that at first, but it makes it much more realistic this way. And he is still one hell of a pretty boy <3

And last but not least...

♥♥♥ ~ Mokuren wishes you happy holidays! ~ ♥♥♥

Holiday themed pictures of Mokuren !
Her Souldoll fairy outfit is just perfect for this time of the year :3 I hope she'll cheer you up with all those colors ;)

Those pictures are a bit all over the place, sorry. I've been learning to use photoshop (haha about time, right? lol) and I've had the hardest time getting what I wanted out of those pics *pouts*

I hope they're still pleasant for you to see ^^


Nov. 23rd, 2009

Chris Pine

Night Out

The promised Yuuya pictures ^^

Definitely not the best pictures I've taken =__=
But I really wanted to show Yuuya in that outfit... And he hasn't been featured in so long... *pouts*
Will try to do better soon >_____<

I really enjoyed the meme on my last post :3
I'll do that again I think :)

Not much to add. I'm eying the new Souldoll Lev and Paulin a bit too much. Should not let mind wander that way... lol

I'll be going to Paris from January 27th to 29th. Will be staying at lysel 's place and I'll be seeing my Japanese penfriend whom I haven't seen in about 5 years I think. So I'm really eager :)

And Star Trek new slash for the win :P


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Nov. 17th, 2009


Drabble meme

No pictures today, but I've been wanting to try a writing meme that Lawy posted on her journal.
Play along :)

Taken from [info]lawy

01. Give me a pairing that I like, or at least have some knowledge of.

02. Give me something to start from; A single word, a sentence, a thought, totally random or well thought, incoherent or insightful. Then I'll write a drabble of around 100-200 words according to your wishes. The level of incoherency might vary, no high-class literature guarantee.

(// Requêtes en français aussi acceptées X)


Hurray, an update X)

I wanted to wait until I had some new pictures to post, but I just don't have time lately =_=
I have some pics of Yuuya under my sleeve. Poor boy has not been featured in a while :(

I feel so guilty for not having been in touch with my friends :(

I was so happy to have many messages for my birthday, but it's been almost a month and I still haven't answered back to everyone.
I hate how uncommunicative I can be :(
I'm sorry to all of you :( The worst thing is that I -really- stress over not contacting my friends but I can't seem to get the nerve to write a damn 2 sentence e-mail or reply to their journal entries...

I have hectic weeks; I'm taking way too many classes, some of which are useless as shit (like the one I'm attending right now lol - "website analysis") and some which are cool but time-consuming (I'm learning how to program in Perl for instance, but my logic fails Orz).
It's difficult to balance doing all this seriously and knowing I'll be dropping out in January when my real training starts. I know this is good for me, but I kinda just want to party lol.

I also joined the photo club of the university. It's been cool so far. It's every Wednesday. My teacher saw my Bjd pics and he wants me to bring my MSDs to class so they can model for a studio shoot XD

Also, I'm so terribly hooked on Star Trek slash. ♥♥♥
Been losing sleep over fanfiction reading. I don't think I have been that fangirly since my high school days.

Hope to post soon again but with pictures!


Sep. 29th, 2009

Nataku from Saiyuki

News and Mokuren

Some news at last.
My summer has been quite busy.

After spending three great weeks in the States (I got to go back to Davis for a week and saw my friends <3), I came back to learn that I had passed the written part of the public library manager exam.
So I studied all through August and September to prepare for the oral exams...
Which I passed.

I'll be training to be a public library manager. I passed the test.

I'm both happy and terrified XD
So scary to start a real (and possibly life-long) career x_________x

Special thanks to lysel who was an absolute sweetheart when I stayed at her place for my exam. If it hadn't been for you keeping me company and calming my nerves, I probably wouldn't have done that well. *hugs tight*

I've also taken some BJD pics since I've been back.
Enjoy some of Mokuren, taken at lawy 's back in August.
Yuuya is waiting on a bunch of clothes because I really want to work more on his character. So hopefully, some Yuuya pics as well in the coming month! ^^

More summer pics of MokurenCollapse )

Aug. 18th, 2009

Jaina&#39;s Ashura

[Kero x Spinel ] "Not the Wiimote!"

A fluffy little photostory starring Kero and Spinel :)
I can't do angst nor drama. So you'll have to bear with sugar-coated flat fluff lol.

There are no decorations whatsoever, because I couldn't manage with what I had at home >_<
Really need to buy more accessories... And proper Chinese male clothes for Suppi, once and for all ^^;;; 

Kero and Suppi are already together in this, just because I wanted to take pics of them hugging lol.

Without further ado... ;)



Jul. 11th, 2009

Drowning Ashura


Well, this academic year is finally over.
I had the surprise to pass the written part of my exam, but I failed really bad on one of the orals. I had stupid precise questions about literary criticism in the 20e century, and since I don't know shit about that... well...

I'll be studying to take this exam again next year, probably for the last time though. I also didn't get the jobs at the libraries, because I wasn't "available" enough *-snorts-*.

I'm feeling pretty down. I don't like the prospect of having another year of working my ass off on learning things I don't care about. But that's life. Life and the stupid French competitive exam system lol.

I'll be leaving for the States this Monday.
I'll be deciding with my aunt if I stay only the 3 weeks we had first planned, or if I go to Cali afterwards in the hopes of seeing my friends... I'll keep people updated on that of course X)

I'm back from Japan Expo, French yearly manga convention in Paris. Clamp was the main event. I didn't win tickets to get autographs (it was a lottery. I don't win lotteries lol). But they gave a huge press conference and I saw them there, and from close enough to see their faces well enough <3
They even drew a picture on stage. It was great. The questions were basic for the most though.
They're all so pretty and nice *sigh*

I also visited the Clamp art show in a Parisian galery. I think that might be what I liked most of my Japan Expo trip. They had original paintings of Clamp's illustrations. I wanted to steal one sooo bad, lmao XD So very beautiful in real life. I had forgotten how different a print is to a painting.

I also got to meet [info]lexi_nyanko and the C&M circle <3 And we took doll pictures together :D
I'm so happy I saw you, girls :) You're all incredibly nice. I hope we can meet again <3 I'll be giving you tonight the Kero+Alex pics we took, and what other nice pictures I have :3


Speaking of dolls, Kero has a body. He's officially back together X)
I bought the SDF type 2 body I was eying on DoA, with body blushing and that awesome scar by nezumitoo  of Angel Hunt *_____*
SDF is definitely my favorite SD boy buff body. I think I still long for Kero to be tan, but since there are no volks tan bodies I like... Mr. Kero stays normal skin for now X)

Ah, and I wrote all my doll profiles in English as well. Heeeere!

And lastly, I got all the eyes I had bought months ago, from Gumdrops and Mystics. I'm still not sure if I want to keep them... So tell me what do you think. I'll take better pics of the Mystics (which are on Sylphe), for another entry. Tell me about Mokuren with green gumdrops eyes, and Suppi with gumdrops moss green eyes.




I'm not taking my dolls with me to the States, but I should be getting a new camera there.
And when I come home, I'm finally doing some KeroxSuppi shots :P


Jun. 4th, 2009

No weepy uke ! Fai

Ups and Downs

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic emotionally-wise.

I didn't apply to go to the States partly because I have this last exam coming up on June 18th, and I wanted to give all I have to do my best at it.. and I thought I couldn't care less about it if I knew I was leaving the country anyway.

But, of course, that was four months ago. And now I don't have the motivation to work on it at all... =_=
I should be revising hardcore right now. Only... I'm not. .. >__>

I'm really troubled over what I'll be doing next year. 
I'll be taking another preparation class I think (if they take me), but it won't be as good as this year, and it'll be in a different town, which means I'll have a 2 hour train ride there and back.
I've also applied to work part-time in several libraries, and I got a call from the main public library of my town for an interview on Tuesday 16th. 
We'll see how that goes.

On the bright side, I was unexpectedly able to purchase Kero's body on layaway. It's all paid for and should be shipped on Saturday.
It's a Luts SDF Type 2 body with body blushing and a cool modded scar by nezumitoo .
I'm so excited about getting Kero back in one piece!!! I'm expecting the color to be off, as the body is on the pink side, but I'll have to deal with it... No Volks-color bodies I like anyway (*coughSD17doesn'tcountcough*).

As for the scar... Well, to fit within the story, I think I'll just have it that Kero's human apparence keeps some features of his former self in his past life. I already had Suppi be the carbon copy of Shen-Yi, and I suppose Kero would have that scar left from Keitarou, as well as his build and general features. Maybe it's the fatal blow that killed him too >.> *considers*

Hn. Also purchased a USB keyboard to plug on my laptop. No matter how much a computer overheating is normal, my computer -burning- my fingertips is -not-. Since I don't have the money for a new one, a new keyboard will have to do =_=

Right, enough brooding lol
Hopefully I can post pics of Kero on his new bod soon :D
I'm considering bringing him to Japan Expo with me ^^
Either him, Suppi or Nephele. But I already took Suppi to the Paris Fashion Doll event back in Frebruary. 
I'm having some issues with Yuuya's yellowing and lack of classy clothes ^^;; Need to work on that >__>

Lasty, my dad has been talking of having me stay longer in the US. I was supposed to come back on August 4th (I think? lol), and he said he'd rather I stayed all through August there than have me do nothing at home (-> implied: be on my computer all day)... 
Not sure how this is going to go, but if I were to stay, I'd try to go to the West coast for the rest of the month. But I don't think dad thought of the budget I'd need, especially if my sister tags along (which is uncertain since she didn't want to go to the US at all to start with; she'll missss her bf (of the month) *snorts*). Hopefully my friends won't be all away somewhere else on vacation ^^;;;
Anyhow, we'll see about that...

Kisses x


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May. 25th, 2009

Young Spock

Doll profiles in English

I have finally written my characters' extended profiles in English.

Find them here: Gardens of Elysium.

Apart from that, not much.
I'm really worried as to what I'll be doing next year. For a change.
I wish I had applied to go back to the US.
And I wish it wasn't so complicated to get a damn job at the library.

Reading a Pratchett to get my mind off things.

Also saw all of True Blood and really liked it. I like Eric way better than Bill, so I skipped the three first books to start on 4, and I'm on 6 right now. An easy read. Not spectacular, but I like the characters and the universe.

I'm getting back in the mood to play Vampire X)
I reread my Requiem manual in order to write Neph's profile and backstory, and had a lot of fun doing that.
I had hesitated between making him a Daeva or a Ventrue, but I stuck to Daeva. Then I wanted his pet handyman to be a Ventrue (I love that clan lol), but I figured his character didn't quite match. So dear William (coz his human name is William after all) will be a Mekhet.
I'll still have my Ventrue one day since I imagine my vampires as a trio... There might be room for a little Ventrue girl someday :P

I'm still impatiently waiting for Luts to reveal what the SDF Type 3 is. The body I spotted on the marketplace is still available, and I really don't want to miss it if the Type 3 is not worth it. Especially with all the trouble finding split partners will be D:

Kisses x

May. 17th, 2009

Young Spock


First things first, I went to see the Star Trek movie yesterday, and it was the best movie I've seen this year.
- Awesome -
And I didn't know shit about the series XD
Seriously. I thought it was much better action than some of the last Star Wars movies. And I'm a SW addict >_>

Doll-wise, I have spotted the body I want for Kero on the secondary market. It has an awesome modded sword scar, which would be perfect for him. I want his human form to keep some traits of his past-life form, and since he was a samurai... bond to have a few nips and scars lol

Buuuut, Luts is starting to talk about their summer event. And they're announcing a SDF Type 3 bod with their new dolls.
I'll wait to see what all that is about, hoping the body on the marketplace isn't sold.

I've almost finished writing all of my dolls' extensive profiles (in French for now >.<). I had put that off for so long. The only one left to do is Yuuya, but I'm not sure I'll really ever do it. Maybe I just don't want to put down a set character for him... I don't know... Y_Y

That's about it.
Have a few Sylphe pics X)


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